Something in the Woods

Something in the Woods is a Solo Journaling RPG by SteelWhale. In this post, read the results and my thoughts after my initial playthrough of this game!

Ypsilon-14, Part 2

Welcome to Part Two of my Off the Ice campaign’s rendition of Tuesday Knight Games’ “The Haunting of Ypsilon-14” for Mothership RPG.

Ypsilon-14 After Action Report

A collection of resources and a session rundown for Mothership RPG’s Ypsilon-14. This post details the start of the Off the Ice campaign and half of Y14.

The Sleeper Crew

The Sleeper Crew, an official third party product for Mothership RPG, is a Character Background Generator to provide extra details for any adventure.

One-roll SF writing prompt

Need some inspiration for starting a science fiction story? This table provides character details, conflict, location and SF subgenres, all in one roll!

SF Storytelling with TTRPGs

Wanna play a SF novel? Read my quick overview of three science fiction TTRPG systems: Mothership RPG, Stars Without Number: Revised, and Shock: Human Contact.


Read “Awake”, the conclusion (for now!) to Raja Thiagarajan’s flash fiction cycle for SciFiFridays.

“A Plague Of…”

It’s SciFiFriday! “A Plague Of…” is Raja Thiagarajan’s third story in this series. Be sure to read last week’s “Interlude” and watch for the final installment next SciFiFriday.


This SciFiFriday, read Raja Thiagarajan’s “Interlude”. This is the second flash fiction of four, following last week’s “Amelia”. Catch “A Plague Of…” next week!


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