Online English Courses


Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

Private Lessons

Are you looking for tutoring to help succeed in your current English class? Do you need extra help preparing for TOEIC, TOEFL or other English exams? Maybe you’re interested in specialized coursework individually tailored for your needs? If so, contact me so we can get the ball rolling on improving your English language development.

Autonomous Learning

An English in Use course following the methods of educator Dr. David Little. In this course, students decide which topics to study, and learn how to define and build projects around their choices. In addition to class projects, weekly reading and viewing logs help target each student’s individual mistakes.

Conversation Groups

I host small, six person maximum conversation groups of two types: formal and informal. The formal groups receive reading or viewing material each week. The informal group decides on subjects collectively, two weeks in advance. Speaking corrections are given during the conversations. These groups require a minimum B1 level.

Thematic Units

Specializing in scientific and cultural subjects, I propose 8-week units which include reading, listening, writing and speaking evaluations. Ongoing subjects include: American Music: Then and Now, Artificial Intelligence: Reality vs. Fiction, Ethical and Social Issues in Medicine, and The War on Drugs.

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