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“Making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that’s creativity.”

Charles Mingus, Jazz Composer
The Storytelling of Science and Technology

Seeking writing expertise for your science and technology organization?

Whether a SME, non-profit, start-up or a leader in the field, you need fresh and captivating writing to build an affecting rapport to turn customers into clients.

Crafting content tailored to your target audience is where I excel. With eight years of experience teaching scientific English to French undergraduates, graduate students, and professionals, I have attained the dexterity necessary to communicate complex ideas in a range of tones, from conversational to technical.


Need a writer to promote the benefits of your products through blogs, white papers, or other marketing communications? I can highlight research findings in an academic voice, or engage on a personal level.

Technical Writing

In collaboration with your subject-matter experts, I can design your technical documents to ensure readability and accuracy. My university experience guarantees clarity and focus that applies to the intended audience.

Copy editing

I offer mechanical editing services for consistency edits, and content editing for comprehensive revision of your website’s copy to ensure its style and voice adhere to your organization’s vision.


Translation plug-ins cannot do your content justice. If you need English localization for your French-language website, we can optimize your content with copy relevant to an English-speaking audience, linguistically and culturally.

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