Game Design

Table Top RPG Writing, Editing & Design

Game Writing

Science fiction is my genre. Most of my game writing experience is for TKG‘s Mothership RPG. I hope to branch out to start writing for science fantasy games like Troika!, Cloud Empress, and other indie ttrpgs with a SF slant.

Editing Services

I have a English Master’s, and taught at the university level for eight years. My editing services include proofreading, content editing and developmental editing, all at different rates.

Layout Services

I have a moderate level of expertise in Affinity Publisher. My layout rates are on the low end of the spectrum, as I am still learning. I’d be happy to work with other game designers just starting out.

Mixed Media Art

As I’ve been creating, I’ve learned that I like painting, and messing with public domain art in GIMP. I’m no professional, but if you like my style, I’d be stoked to contribute to your project.


Page in Proxi M.T. Used Android Catalogue.
From the Sleeper Crew adventure, Bio-Drones & Cryo-Clones.
Excerpt from Seen on the Void’s Edge for Mothership RPG.
1 of 6 in the pamphlet Cendrillon Mercenaries for Hire.

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