Call me ChrisAir

Or Chris, or Christopher, or Mr. Airiau. I’m not really picky.

Hey there, welcome to my blog. I’m here to write about science & SF (speculative fiction as well as science fiction), and pick apart how writers tell stories in their nonfiction, fiction, and games. From time to time, I will probably write some random blog posts. Most likely about music and exploration. For now, I have three blog series planned.

Tentative schedule for ChrisAir’s Blog series:

  • Monday – Science and science writing: I read a lot of science news. Like, a LOT. This series will see me discussing what makes for an affecting piece of science writing, and sharing my personal wonder of ongoing science research.
  • Wednesday – Storytelling: This series will be a rolling schedule, principally reviewing different forms of storytelling within SF and game design, be it literature, TV & film, Table-top RPGs, and video games.
  • Friday – SF prompts: A bit more loosey-goosey, Fridays will be flash fiction and mini speculative essays based on a rota of prompts.

Each category above will have four or five subcategories, so you can expect a revolving door of ideas, week after week. Whenever any writing is published, whether on my blog or elsewhere, I’ll share it on my twitter @chrisairiau.

What I hope to get out of this blog:

  • Keeping a steady schedule of content production hones every writer’s craft.
  • By sharing what I’ve learned – and taught – about science writing, these posts will help others develop their communication skills.
  • Attract an audience to showcase my unusual perspective, connect with readers and writers, and develop a network of science and SF storytellers.

I’m sure lots will change as this project moves underway. That’s the nature of writing, we learn as we go. Any writer who tells you they’re no longer learning is full of it.

-Chris Airiau

Published by ChrisAiriau

I'm a science and SF content creator, specializing in writing technical scientific concepts in clear and engaging language. Alongside many writing and editing side-projects, I taught English in French universities for eight years. At university, I worked mainly for engineering Master’s programs and science undergraduates – from economics to physics, biology to psychology. My goal is to tailor SF and science content to a diverse range of audiences, and my background provides all the necessary tools to succeed.

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