Science Writing Commentary: Techniques of Plot

Science Writing Commentaries are the second of two-part Method & Commentary posts. I choose an excellent example of published science writing in which I identify and explain one of the techniques that makes the piece successful. The first post examines the Method, wherein I select and analyze the techniques I will focus on in the Commentary. In the Commentary, I will show how to recognize these techniques, and assess how they are used.

This edition of Method & Commentary focuses on Robinson Meyer’s “Why America Doesn’t Really Make Solar Panels Anymore” published June 16, 2021 in The Atlantic. Read about the Techniques of Plot in the Method post from last week.

This week’s commentary can be found on LinkedIn.

– Chris Airiau

Published by ChrisAiriau

I'm a science and SF content creator, specializing in writing technical scientific concepts in clear and engaging language. Alongside many writing and editing side-projects, I taught English in French universities for eight years. At university, I worked mainly for engineering Master’s programs and science undergraduates – from economics to physics, biology to psychology. My goal is to tailor SF and science content to a diverse range of audiences, and my background provides all the necessary tools to succeed.

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