The Sleeper Crew

An officially licensed third-party product for MothershipRPG

So, a new adventure with new PCs is coming up, and you’re not quite sure how to send your Players into the infected Choi Labs of Bloom, or drop them into the dino-on-tourist action of Dinoplex (both now available in DriveThruRPG’s Xeno Horror and Blue-Collar Sci-Fi bundles, respectively). Maybe your Players are a bit skittish after the last game, or you’d like to drop them in medias res

Enter The Sleeper Crew.

Sleeper Crews are Company workers who “volunteered” to go into Extended Cryosleep. Company Clients hold them on retainer in the Freezer, should shit hit the fan. Their job is to deal with catastrophic situations Clients don’t want (or can’t) solve themselves.

The Sleeper Crew pamphlets include a Character Background Generator and bonus setting details to add an extra layer of horror. One is a Company document intended for Clients, and the other contains the confiscated warnings from a Rimwise “participant.” While the mechanics are identical, the flavor is a little different, depending on what you’d like to give your Players.

For experienced players, the bane/boon Extended Cryosickness Effects tables add new character mechanics to change things up a bit. Check it all out on my itch page.

Artwork by Ben Specklin

Find the pamphlet at

Download and use these pamphlets as much or little as you want for your MothershipRPG games. If you’re able, consider a pay-what-you-want option via PayPal donation, while I get my / DriveThruRPG situation sorted.

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Scavenger Bio-Drone, sneak peak artwork from Chen Ting’s Revenge (art by Chris Airiau).

I’m currently finishing up my third playtest of a Sleeper Crew Adventure to go alongside these pamphlets: Chen Ting’s Revenge. Bio-Drones & Cryo-Clones. In fact, I’m looking for Wardens to playtest it too. If you’re interested, hit me up on Discord ChrisAir#0819 or Twitter @chrisairiau.

Let me know what you think of The Sleeper Crew! I hope you enjoy it!


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